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03 PO Software Solution

Our Purchase order system offers
  • Secured purchase requisite processing and execution
  • Workflow control to ensure proper flow of PR
  • Ensure 3 vendors price and product comparison to ensure the best vendor is awarded
  • Proper documentation for all PR and PO issued and approved

Electronic purchase requisition and purchase order are processed online without digression.  

It replaces traditional paper document and offers with user assess control, ensuring accurate and timely for each PR. 

The software is easy to use and intuitively comfortable for any levels of users. The a purchase requester create a PR, all you need is to select the product type and category, the system will automatically generate the purpose and remarks that was recorded during the last time the item was selected. 

The manager will see a list of purchase requisites pending for approval. 

Once the purchase requisites are approved, it will be processed by the purchasing clerk. The clerk will then go and source for 3 quotations for each of these PR. When he have 3 quotes, he will enter all 3 prices into each PR and submit for approval by the purchasing manager and the general manager.

Once approved, the clerk can now generate a purchase order. The purchase order can be printed onto a network printer for manually faxing or to be mailed out. Alternatively, the system can generate a PDF soft-copy so that the PO can be send out to the vendor by email. 

Upon goods received, the clerk will be able to track the correct quantity. Upon the correct number of goods received, the PR will be closed.

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