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02 VeinScan Solution

Objective of Finger Print or Palm Veins Scanner Solution
  • Eliminate the problem of employee losing RFID / EZ-Link cards
  • Reduce the expenditure on purchasing RFID cards for scanning system
  • Secure tracking of employees’ attendance using biometrics
  • Track the employees’ attendance using biometrics
  • Inform supervisor if employee did not come to work via SMS
  • Allow supervisors to communicate with employees
  • Report generation (employees’ performance graph, statistics printing)
  • Expandable and upgradeable module-based system
  • Allow security guard to access information by scanning the Identity Card of contractors
  • ≤1 sec recognition time for 10,000 fingerprints
  • World's most accurate fingerprint recognition technology
  • (Accuracy: 99.99% Error Rate: 1/300,000)
  • Unlimited total fingerprints per terminal *
  • DIY Fingerprint Registration & Administration
  • Employee & Archive Search, Info Calendar
  • Scheduled Auto-SMS to supervisor
  • Statistic Report Generation & Printing **
  • Independence-capable terminal
  • Being Green auto on-off to save electricity.
  • Expandable and upgradeable module-based system
  • Fully compatible with employee Profiling System (BioM)
  • Fully compatible: BioIVS Standard, Compact & Mobile Edition
BioIVS System
Being one of the most advance and safest way to identify a person, Biometrics attendance system will assist the companies to take attendance at a much faster rate and, at the same time. EZ-Link cards are used widely in Singapore, but they can be lost easily. We have a system that will allow companies to understand their employees’ attendance easily.

When the employee reach office, all he has to do is to place his finger on the biometrics reader and in just 1 second the system will be able to scans through all the employees’ fingerprint template and identify him. The screen will show his name and off he goes. Comparing to traditional biometrics which takes about 3 to 5 seconds, our system will be able to cut down a lot of time.

Case Scenario
If work starts at 8am and John is not in office by that time, the system will send an SMS to inform John’s
supervisor that him employee is still not in office. The above functions can be activated or deactivated according to the company’s preference.

In the company’s office, a screen will display the status of the attendance.

The system will allow the company to generate report on the attendance for the month and year. This is to assist the company to understand the employee’s attendance. The system will also print a report automatically every morning; the report will consist of the employees who are absent and late on that day. The figure on the left shows the calendar where it will display the statistics for the entire month.

Our system does not require any installation of cables, it connects together using the power grid; this method makes setting up and relocating the kiosk very easily. If you are worried about your data being accessed by other people, the data running in the power grid is encrypted with 128-bit AES technology and the data is limited by the fuse box.

System Architecture
The kiosk system works independently of the other kiosks and the server. If the server does not work or is shut down, the kiosk will still continue to take attendance. It will then synchronize the data to the server when it is up and running. The kiosk will not be affected by other kiosk; so even if all the kiosks are down except one, it will still continue to take attendance.
Battery / Mobile System
The kiosk can be run on battery if required. This can allow the supervisors to take attendance not just in office, but also on an off-site location. The battery will give the kiosk 6hrs of power allowing you to take attendance for all your employees. This battery will also serve as a back up when there is a blackout or the system is not connected to the power grid.

Our kiosk comes with 1 year hardware warranty. When damaged, the kiosks are replaced. Once replaced, the new kiosk will synchronize with the server so no software installation or configuration is required.

Future Upgrades

The Biometrics system can also be used for asset management to allow employees to borrowing expensive equipments like laptops or PDAs.

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