Fax Server

  1. Enterprise market
  2. Shipping market

GSA-200S Fax Server to automate your fax operations.

  • Plug and play device. No need for special training to operate.
  • You don't need a PC to operate this device. 
  • Build in FAX hardware and software.
  • Incoming fax archive in email and second copy saved into folder.
  • Outbound fax can be initiated from EMAIL / Print-to-Fax / Drop your PDF file onto a dedicated folder.
Send multiple fax destinations.

  1. Incoming fax
    • One copy goes to email address
    • Second copy goes to file directory
    • OR both email and file directory
    • OR multiple email and multiple folder directories
    • Incoming fax can be view from web browser with User ID and password protected.
  2. Outgoing fax
    • Print-to-Fax using a client software. No need to print to printer any more. No wasting of paper and toner.
    • Send from email by specifying email address as 61234567@something.com where 61234567 is the fax number to send.
    • Drop your PDF onto a folder and it will be pickup for delivery.
  3. Sent Notification
    • If fax is sent successfully, you will get an email notification
    • To check delivery status, you can check using a web browser.
  4. Wide Area Network Support
    • If you have static IP address, this fax device can be assess by users from any part of the world.
    • You can send/receive fax from any terminal in the world that has Internet access.
    • You can view incoming fax from any part of the world.
  5. Fax over IP
    • You can connect to a fax line from remote site.
    • Example fax device in Singapore and fax line in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong will have a FXS gateway connected to a local Hong Kong fax line. The fax device in Singapore will be able to connect to it via SIP protocol and users can send fax to Hong Kong customers from the Hong Kong line without paying IDD charges.
  6. Fax to fax feature for shipping industries
    • Fax from ship to shore usually uses the Inmarsat services which are very costly.
    • A pair of the fax device is used. One connects to the fax machine on board the ship, the other is installed in the land office.
    • When someone sends a fax using the fax machine in the ship, it is forward from the ship fax device to the land fax device and fax to the destination using the office fax line.
    • When someone sends a fax to the office, the fax is forwarded from the land fax device to the ship fax device and fax to the fax machine in the ship.
    • A overview of the function, please click here.
  7. Fax Order System
    • If you have many orders or forms coming in by fax, you may want to find a way to archive and process them.
    • Our fax device sent one copy of the fax to email for archive and one copy to a file directory for processing.
    • We can also put in an OCR to convert these faxes to readable PDF so you can use them efficiently.
    • A overview of the function, please click here.

Click here to see some applications of the fax product.

I will be pleased to come and see you to give you a demo. We have a demo fax server in Hong Kong where I can assess from your computer in your office. 

If you need more information, please download a copy of our brochure and please feel free to contact us at allan@gsasg.net.