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Education for your child in Singapore

Dear Parents,

If you are looking to send your child to Singapore for a good education, we are here as a one-stop solution for you. 

Welcome to Singapore. 新加坡歡迎您 

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION                                      新加坡教育部

Singapore has one of the world best education system for your child.

Government Primary School                                    新加坡政府小學

Singapore Government Secondary School                         新加坡政府中學

Singapore Private School                                         新加坡私立學校

We will handle Student pass application for your child.「申請學生證所需文件」

Study in Singapore for International students will requires a valid Student Pass. The documents required are as follows: -留學新加坡所需文件

1.     Child original school report card with English translation.


2.     Child passport photocopy.


3.     Child white and back passport size photo  - 6 pcs.


4.     Child hospital original birth certificate [China & Mongolia national only]. 孩子醫院出生証明(綠色本子)孩子出生公証(原件)

5.     Parent marriage certificate original with English translation.



6.     Parents passport colour photocopy.


7.     Parents Identity Card Photocopy.


8.     Parents bank fixed deposit of RMB 18,000.00[China & Mongolia national only]. 銀行存款証明有十六萬以上(原件)

Application of student pass will take from 3-6 weeks.


Person in charge 負責人: 

陳老師  +65 9487-7273   Email: miki@gsasg.net

刘振良 + 65 9663-4977   Email: allan@gsasg.net

 < Private School fee for secondary level>.「私立學校初中學費」。

10 weeks preparation for AIS examination conducted in Y.M.C.A 教育學院 (YMCA Education Centre) With a credit in AIS exam, the child can be placed in government public secondary school. The secondary school will sit for GCE ‘O’ Level 英國劍橋"O" 水準

Fees Schedules

1.     Recruitment fee (Agent fee)                                                USD 3000.00

2.     Preparation Class for AIS Examination 10 weeks fees     USD 3,225.00

Pay to Agency in Mongolia

3.     School fee eleven months (11)                                           USD 9,732.00

Agency to collect on behalf for the first year.

4.     Registration fees                                                                 USD   450.00

To be paid on arrival of Singapore.

(non refundable)

5.     Books and Uniforms                                                            USD   160.00

To be paid on arrival of Singapore.

(non refundable)

6.     Students pass application                                                   USD 1000.00

To be paid on arrival of Singapore.

7.     Boarding house (Six months)                                              USD 7200.00

One month boarding fee deposit USD1200/(refundable).

To be fully paid on arrival of Singapore.

Automatic renewal every 6-months

8.     Student security deposit                                                      USD 1000.00

(Refundable) Collected by agency in Mongolia.

9.     Free Airport pickup

10.Total Sum                                                                                                 USD 21,810.00

Quality home stay. 高素質托管。

Cosy environment. 環境舒適。

Home stay services: - 托管服務:- Boarding House  

HP:  +65 9487-7273 Email: miki@gsasg.net

HP:  +65 9663-4977 Email: allan@gsasg.net

Our service is as follows: - 4 to a room/Aircon 7pm to 7am/bedroom fully furnished/3 meals a day/transportation provided for private school/guardianship/Internet access/daily intensive tuition prepare for AEIS.  Monday to Thursday 7:00pm to 8:30pm/24hrs medical care/Saturday morning out door activity for soccer, roller plate, cycling & jogging from 8:30am till 11:00am. We also prepare & registration AEIS examination for government school placement for international students/ students.


電話: +65 96634977 電郵 allan@gsasg.net

 我們托管服務如下:- 四人套房/冷氣晚上七時至早上七時/套房設備完善/一天三餐/可安排專車接送,一對一重點補習/監護人/無線上網/包含免費常規英語,數學重點學習爲備考AEIS從禮拜一至禮拜四晚上七點至八點半/二十四小時醫療護理/才藝班與週末活動、跑步、自行車、直輪、足球等等/報考AEIS教育部入學政府學校/申請學生證,簽證和陪讀證等等。陳老師

Our home stay fees: - 托管收費:-

1.     Home stay monthly fee S$ 1,200/ (one month deposit, three months advance). 托管月費新幣S$1,200/ (一個月押金,每次收三個月)。

2.     Students pass application & Sponsorship S$1200/ (one time payment). 學生證申請與擔保人新幣S$ 1200/(一次過收費)。

3.     Guardianship – FOC. 監護人- 免費。

Weekend activities ( Safra Club).    週末活動(軍協會所。

Weekend music class (additional fee) 週末音樂課(額外收費)。

Person in charge 負責人: 

陳老師  +65 9487-7273   Email: miki@gsasg.net

老師 + 65 9663-4977   Email: sales@gsasg.net