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Founded in Singapore 2009, Global Solutions Alliance offers innovative and cost effective messaging solutions for the real world business strategies.

Global Solutions Alliance provides solutions in three areas namely ENERGY, EDUCATION and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

For Energy we offers professional consultations and collaboration ensuring you get the right product and buyer. 

For Education we have 23 years of experiences and offers a complete one-stop solution for students who wants to come Singapore to study.

For IT, we offers a wide range of intelligent messaging and communication solutions designed to improve customer service, increase employee effectiveness and reduce costs. Fax in particular, we offers our own plug and played featured Fax Server products that come in a box with simply setup and operates professionally with extremely low investment in time and money.

Our solutions embrace:-

  • Collaborative Communications
  • SIP and Satellite Communications
  • FAX, Telex and SMS communications integrated with web integration, all popular emails and back office applications


全球方案提供各种各样被设计的聪明的传讯和通信解答改进顾客服务,增加雇员有效率和减少费用。 比如说传真,我们自己研发的传真服务器产品,不但安装简单,还达到专业的水准。投资的时间和金钱也很少很实惠。


  • 合作通信方案
  • SIP卫星通讯方案
  • 电传、电传和SMS方案,包括连接内部系统和电子邮件系统